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Our office has been notified that the City of Vine Grove will soon be implementing their own electrical inspection program. 


Hardin County Planning & Development will stop accepting electrical applications for any projects within the city limits of Vine Grove at the close of business on Friday March 31, 2023. 


Please note, that our office and inspector, Greg Carwile will complete the necessary inspections on all remaining open permits as of that date.  If you applied for a permit through our office prior to March 31, 2023, this office will complete all the inspections for that project. 


Starting April 1, 2023 Please contact Jessica Irwin with Vine Grove at 270-877-2422 for more information regarding their permitting requirements, fees, etc.  for all projects within the City of Vine Grove.

Building & Electrical Permits and the necessary inspections are required for all new construction, additions and remodeling.  Please call our office if you have any questions.



Online Portal

***Our online portal is to be used ONLY by certified contractors registered with our office.***

For questions or assistance with the portal please call  (270) 769-5479

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