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Hardin County Zoning Map

A property's land use potential depends on how it is zoned. Click on the map to search for a particular property's zoning.

DISCLAIMER: The Online Zoning Map shown on this site is a reference for the public. The Official Zoning Map is located in the planning office and shall be the final authority as to the current status of land in the county.

Zoning Regulations

Hardin County is divided into 14 different land use zones. Click on the icons to view how these zones are defined in the County's Development Guidance System Zoning Ordinance.

Listed Uses per Zoning

The Land Use Table lists the permitted, conditional, accessory, and prohibited uses of land based on zoning. Depending on your property's zoning and your plans for the property a conditional use permit or map amendment may be needed.

Zoning Ordinance

The Development Guidance System Zoning Ordinance was passed by Hardin County Fiscal Court in 2009. This ordinance is used to implement the adopted Comprehensive Plan by establishing and regulating zoning throughout Hardin County. You can find the full document  by clicking the icon.

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